Trump-Russia investigative journalist

'X is an award winning documentary filmmaker and journalist, and an expert on financial corruption, who has been uncovering unreported details about Trump-Russia ties for months. She urgently needs financial assistance to continue investigations and complete reports for publication. For her safety, we have kept her details anonymous, as one of her sources who detailed about Putin and death threats has since died, and the journalist's servers have been hacked with threats - "don't cross us". She has interviewed people at her own personal risk, and expense, because it is such an important story, and now has nothing left.

Since November she has been discussing about her work with many of the major media, but finding most are unable to pay a freelancer due to their own limited resources and company policies only allowing staff journalists, or wanting to give up her story to their own reporters- but it's important for her to get credit for her investigating and reporting so that she may continue her work.

She has put all of her own savings into her work, and now is urgently in need of funding to continue and afford to have somewhere to live and food to survive. She has interest in commission/acquisition of story from major TV and newspaper publications . A major paper offered her a contract, after months of discussions with her, but haven't followed up as yet (keeping her on hold while she keeps digging, also still without pay) because like every newsroom they are swamped and they didn't have the bandwidth to appoint another reporter to assist with such a big story - leaving this journalist stranded, in a critical situation.

This reporter has important details, and her work has now personally put her in threat.

Patrons will receive thanks and also updates on her work, and first notice about its release. She will publish the story on her own website for all the media, if the major media does not follow up- and you will be the first to get details, and thanks on her website, as well as here on Most importantly - you''ll be helping investigation into one of the most major stories in political history.

Can you help?

Authenticity can be verified by the founder of this site, and by a veteran financial journalist
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We need at $ 1,000 minimum donations to keep this journalist going with her work


550 of 1,000 donations received; $350 in April, $200 received in May ($50 per week raised; please help us raise more)