Why adopt a reporter?

Many reporters risk their lives to bring you the news, without insurance, expenses or even a ticket home.

Around the world, the news is often broken by unnamed and undiscovered freelance journalists. In 'Underground Film Club', anonymous filmmakers are documenting the Syrian war in short films they call ‘emergency cinema.’

Your support means the world to reporters working hard to bring you untold stories and important news which affect your world.

Because of a lack of help and support, many reporters are forced to quit their goals or spend their time on another job "to pay the rent" - making it unfathomably harder and longer for them to reach their potential, and meaning opportunities lost for these journalists, and the world.

Help a reporter do their job- and you'll feel proud that you helped them get that scoop...

You'll get special previews of their work, regular news from them about the hard work they're doing to report on stories that matter, with your generous help, and updates about their achievements- big and small, and their tough times too.

THANK YOU for helping these reporters reach for the real stories they couldn't cover without independent support. Thank you for helping them and their families with a safety net. Thank you for helping them help our world.