ADOPT A REPORTER is a new site- in beta. We are just starting out - and are keen to improve our site and grow as quickly as we can, so we welcome your support and your thoughts on how we can do something important and exciting.

Adopt A Reporter is founded and operated by WENDY DENT, (www.wendydent.com) an award-winning writer/producer and human rights advocate, and a World Economic Forum Young Global Leader and Expert in Media, Entertainment and Information, Human Rights and Illicit Trade. She has risked her life filming in Zimbabwe, to get much-needed footage and interviews out of the country under great danger. She has spoken on human rights at Harvard Kennedy School, UC Berkeley, Stanford and more, and has been a speaker at two World Economic Forums. She established the Industry Intervention to create change in the film industry - and with AdoptAReporter is now turning her focus to media, so that unreported news can reach the world.

All journalists are verified by the site. If a journalist is anonymous - we only list them if we have verified them. All other journalists will give information online so that you can verify who they are.

All AdoptAReporter.com Donations are through Paypal- which also gives you a guarantee about the donation. You will get confirmation from the journalist that they have received your donation.

AdoptAReporter.com deducts NO fees at all from donations, while we are in beta right now. After we are up and running with more reporters, the site will take just 5% of donations or less (plus paypal transaction expenses) to cover ongoing operating costs.

JOURNALISTS- do you need help ? Please do contact us.

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